COVID-19 Donation Relief

Our farmers are isolated by coronavirus and face another threat: Hunger.

We need your help! 

Colombia’s nationwide quarantine has paralyzed majority of businesses based around small urban centers and has left our farmers - head of households - unable to buy their week’s rice, fish or cornmeal. 

Our farmers now find themselves hammered by quarantine-related hunger and our SoulTierra team is doing everything we can to fight this threat. As part of our mission values is to give back to our community and support our artisans in any way we can... But we can't do it without your support! Together we can support our artisans get their shopping essentials!

In our efforts to battle this challenging time for our farmer's families facing food insecurity, we've launched our COVID-19: Emergency Response & Readiness campaign to deliver one food baskets to every artisans' families.. So far we've delivered 15 food baskets, our goal is to deliver a TOTAL of 100 food baskets! It's our hope to help as much as we can

Every little bit helps. Here are some ways you can be part of our COVID-19 initiative and make something Life-Changing for our farmers:

From every purchase of our 'Best Sellers,' 10% of our sales are donated to deliver food baskets to our farmers' families:
🔸Organic Cacao Powder
🔹 Organic Cacao Nibs

Not sure which product you love more? You can also purchase a gift card (unlimited expiration!) and redeem it whenever you're ready to make your purchase!

Any contribution can be useful and we're forever grateful to count on your support. Help us spread out the word on your social media platforms or share this page with your friends and family!

Place your orders via Instagram or Facebook(After your purchase, we will send a confirmation email with proof of your donation)

We're all in this together, thank you in advance for your support!